Propagation of maqui berry from seeds
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How to propagate maqui berry tree from seeds.

Written by Kim, Jongseop, Tae-san-gun, Choongnam, South Korea.


Sowing seeds: Maqui Berry

Sowing quantity: 500 seeds/10 grams

Sowing date: 2016.07.30

Sowed by Kim, Jongseop


I was not able to sow with the excuse that I was busy with the seeds of the maqui berry you sent me.

Today, we are sincerely engaged in sowing seeds of Maqui berry.

This is not a only way to propagate maqui berry from seeds. Everybody knows the seed sowing know-how. I think that there are some helpful parts to upload and post ...


The picture above is the maqui berry seeds sent by Kenneth Lee, Seedmallusa of California.


As seen in the photo above, the freshness of the seeds seems to be good.

Most of the pulp on the seeds hinders germination

(Most of the pulp surrounding the seed contains a large amount of substances that inhibit germination)

Therefore, it is a way to increase the germination rate by removing it before planting


Use a mesh net with a small mesh size to remove pulp from the seeds

Put the maqui berry seeds in the laundry net and rub them cleanly several times with kitchen detergent.

The seeds do not break even when rubbed hard ... rub clean many times and remove the pulp.

The above picture shows the seeds of Maqui berry that have been cleanly removed from the pulp.

I put it in a small cup to gauge the size of the Maqui berry 500 seeds.

It''s about 15cc.


Now that we have removed the pulp of the seeds, we are ready to disinfect the seeds.

It is seed sterilization that we perform surely when we sow professionally on farm

It is often annoying that farming is ruined only by sowing without seed disinfection.

We used benomyl as a disinfectant for disinfecting seeds of Maqui berry seeds.

It does not necessarily mean that you need to use only benomyl as a disinfectant.

You can purchase the disinfectant for seed disinfection sold on the market.

When diluting the disinfectant with water, it is necessary to keep the dilution ratio properly.

If you dilute too little, the seeds may get a harm.

We are ready to disinfect the maqui berry seeds.

I put the seeds in the water with the disinfectant.

When you put the maqui berry, there is seeds sinking downward and floating on the top.

Do not remove the seeds floating right away. At first, there are seeds floating and sinking.

The time to soak in the water may vary depending on the temperature, but I think it would be appropriate for about 12 hours.

While disinfecting maqui berry seeds prepare soil. Using garden soil will increase the germination rate.

Sowing boxes or large pots are good for management.

Put the prepared garden soil in an appropriate amount in a seeding box and spread it evenly.

Do not put the soil by pushing it hard with your hand. Just tap it lightly and spread it evenly ....

Sprinkle with a mixture of sand and maqui berry seeds on a sowing box filled with garden soil.

The reason why we mix the seeds with the sand is that maqui berry seeds are small and it is difficult to spread a small amount of seeds evenly. Therefore, if you mix the seeds evenly in the sands and spread them evenly over several times.

The above photo shows a mixture of sand and maqui berry seeds that are scattered evenly several times. Cover the maqui berry seeds with garden soil. When covering with the garden soil, it is necessary to cover it several times in small increments so that the thickness can be evenly covered.


Covering thickness should be about 0.8cm (cover thickness not exceeding 1cm)


Sowing boxes of maqui berry seeds.

From now on, it is only a matter of watering and managing until germination.

The sowing method of all the seeds is important, but the more important thing is to maintain and control the germination.


Maqui berry seeds will germinate without sunlight.

Therefore, half-shading the seedlings makes it easier to control moisture.

If you sow seeds in direct sunlight, the soil will dry out and make germination difficult.

If you sow seeds in your flowerpot at home, avoid sunlight and manage in a half-shade place

When seeds germinate, let them slowly receive more sunlight.

 2 years old maqui berry trees available.

 Seeds are from California or Chile.

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