2014' Ohio Paw Paw Festival
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16th Annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival  Sept 12-14, 2014, Athens, Ohio


(1) Outline and scale of the event

  Paw paw is the largest fruit of native to the United States. In 2009, the Ohio State Council designated paw paw as Ohio state's fruit. Research on paw apw has been centered around Ohio State University and Kentucky State University, and Neal Peterson of W. Vaginia has funded it to cultivate and distribute new varieties. Many of the major species listed below are distributed by him.

It is divided into a venue with a booth, a camping area, a parking lot, and a leisure area on the lakeside in a place that is located on the shore of Lake Snowdon. 20 food booths, t-shirts, handicrafts, 10 non-profit booths, Athens County tent. Children's Playroom 4 places,Javelining , Boating, 2 Stage Bands, Total Booths: 100-120. About 5,000-10,000 peoples gathered for 3 days.





(2) Major programs

Lecture: Paw paw and its Cultivation History, Prospect of paw paw Cultivation, Types of paw paw New Varieties, Nutritive Value Analysis of paw paw, Applied Products of paw paw (Food),  Beer Recipe, paw paw pollination relationship, paw paw Cooking Contest


Paw paw Contest (Taste and Size) - The fruits that they exhibited weighed 400-600 grams.










Susquehanna was exhibited, and it seems that there are many Shenandoars among other varieties they exhibited. An expert told me that it is noy easy to tell the varieties by looking.

The flavor of paw paw is likened to mango, banana, pineapple and melon. About 10 pieces were exhibited in quality (flavor, incense, pulp quality) as a major category, and the results was announced as Ron's victory in taste, and Jerry Lehman's paw paws were ranked first and third in size.

The weight is 22.7 ounces (637 grams). Compared to last year's 850 grams, it was much smaller, and this year's spring cold and summer drought were severe. I brought the paw paw fruits from Jerry for my dinner table at home that I got back to L.A. 





3) Paw apw related products

Paw paw Beer - 9% Alcohol You've had a cup of Jackie O's Paw Paw Wheat. It really tasted good.

Paw paw Smoothie - I ate a glass of Smoothie with paw apw, pineapple and mango and it was tasty. 

Paw apw Bread - Flour, Sugar, Egg, paw apw fruit, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Salt)


What was not possible was tea and dried paw paw.

Here, the concept of food use is much stronger than that of medicinal use. I did not even know the Pawpaw-cell product, and it's never been mentioned that paw paw is the best anticancer plant found in the United States. The disadvantage that can not be stored at room temperature for a long time developed the high pressure process (HPP), which is a way to extend the storage period or to freeze it.

(4) People I met

Mr. Stephan Williams exhibits paw paw related accessories. A naturalist who does not use a computer.

    Stephen and his daughter


  Dr. Brannan - Professor, Department of Food and Nutrition, Ohio State University.

   Dr. Ron Powell - Paw paw tree collector,


Jerry Lehman-2013 -2014 Paw paw Contest Major Category Winner


Jerry's wife Barbara, Ron's daughter, Jerry






George-neighbor to Jerry Lehmann, paw paw Farm Manager


 Steve interviews reporter

Steve - Selling several paw paw related products - Bread, sauce, etc.


(5) Episode

I went into the forest near the event site (lake) and found a cluster of yet less ripe paw apw fruits. It is called a bunch because it has several fruits on one flower.

The woods are oak and broad-leaved trees, and the trees are about 3-4 meters tall. The stem is thin, the leaves are similar to the gruyere, and the size is good. Paw paw tree like a good sunny place, but it seems to be ringing in other tall trees. Last time when I visited a farm in Tennessee in February, the field was sloping and the land was well drained with a lot of wind.

I asked Mr. Lehman. "When you plant seeds of improved varieties, how much larger can you expect to have compared to the seeds?" It is said that it will be difficult to obtain 15% of the fruit of the same level as the parameter. The number of varieties he cultivates is marked by numbers, but this time he exhibited was 250-39.


(6) Classification of major species

 Paw paw sold during the event

Weight 100-300 grams


Belows are;

Experiments on production at North American Pawpaw Fox paw Farm in 2012

The surrounding conditions were that the wind was heavy and the drought was severe.

Source: http://southcenters.osu.edu/sites/southc/files/site-library/site-documents/HORT/newsletters/opga-spring-13-newsletter.pdf


4 Classification (Transliteration Classification)

 Average weight of fruit

 Others (Translator Edit Classification)


Extra large class A

NC-1 / 137-176 grams

Rebecca's Gold / 131 grams

Shenandoah / 114-128 grams

Susquehanna / 81- 142-232 grams (3 trees)

Jerry Lehman (250-39)

Summer Delight

Wabash x Mango

Summer Delight x Mammoth


Major species

Overleese / 106 -117 grams

Sunflower / 90-140 grams


Medium-sized species

Prolific / 84 grams

Allegheny / 95 grams

Tolgate / 89 grams

PA Golden / 76 grams

Mary Foos Johnson / 76 grams


Small-sized species

Potomac / 53 grams

Rapahanock / 42 grams


Other than Mr. Jerry Lehman 's foster varieties are;

                Maria's Joy (166-) There is a record of biggerest one at the Paw paw Festival in Ohio.

                275-48 = (Prolific x Sam Noris 15) Lehman's Delight With more than 800 grams of fruit

                               Ohio has a record of championship.

               250-30 + (KSU 8-2 x open pollinated)

               250-39 (Sunflower x SN 15) x open pollinated 250-39 is the 2014 Paw paw Festival 1st place in size

               Mammouth x Summer Delight- (Overleese x sunflower)

               Lehman x Main stream cultivars Jerry Lehman Paw paw seeds, 200-400 grams

                          VE-21 x 166-66

                          166-20 x 275-48

                          166-20 x 250-39


(7) Paw paw seeds and scion woods

Most seeds supplied to Korea are collected from wild paw paw. The eastern 26 states are home to paw paw trees.The 26 states range from the south to Florida to the Great Lakes Coast and to the Canadian province of Montréal. The North American species suitable for the Korean climate should be taken from the northern part of the state of Tennessee and Kentucky, or Ohio and Indiana.

Seeds taken from less ripen paw paw colors light brown and darker as they ripen. Seeds taken from less ripe fruits are said to be less chemically degradable and less suitable for germination.

This year, due to late thawing and drought, production fell and production of paw paw seeds and scion woods became an emergency.

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