Air pot
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We made the top plate material by PVC and drastically reduced the price.

The base plate and top plate are sold separately.

The hole is blocked up to 5cm from the top of the seat. For example, 20cm x 20cm in height, 20cm in height up to 5cm above the hole is clogged, 15cm bottom hole is open. Therefore, if you use the part with no hole as the top part of the flowerpot, it becomes a beautiful flower pot.

Air pot top plate shipment from China at the time of the first joint purchase in 2013. We have ordered the air pot from China and shipped to S. Korea. We are ready to take order for world market. We have mass-producted 6 times until now by controlling production at our risk.

 Shipped from China in 2014

20cmx 20cm (diam. of the pot, height) Material of bottom plate: PP Material of upper sheet:PVC

30cmx 30cm  

40cmx 40cm

60cmx 40cm


It is difficult to repackage once packed, so you always only get orders for 100 multiples.

However, you can order only the top, not the set.

* Shipping, tax excluded

* Screw supplies separately

* Material: Base plate (pp), side(top) sheet (pvc)

80cm x 196cm sheet sold separately.

You can make two 60cm x 40cm pieces in half, or 60cm x 50cm, and then you can make a sheet of 60cm x 30 with the biggest sheet.

The highest one is 60cm x 80cm. You can also use without a base plate.

In the US, large sizes are usually used without a base plate. This 80cm wide sheet is clogged with holes 5cm above and below.


You can connect these sheets to make a row of flower beds, water tanks, or waterproof shafts.

You can also use it as a fruit collection basket.


 Because you can easily cut with scissors, you can make long flower beds and make long and high pots freely.

If you put it on the side, if you use it as a flowerpot with a hole of 5cm above and below the 80cm width, you can fix it with the top part.

In the US, large sizes usually only use the top without the base.


It will be shipped from China to worldwide. Lead time is usually within 30 day.


<How to order>.

Please let us know the quantity of each airport size. For sample request you may have to deposit U$ 300 including freight.


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The benefits of this pot:


(1) It Enables to be ventilated inside the pot and allows healthy, sturdy roots to grow (described in detail in the material below)

(2) Do not have to worry about giving too much water.

(3) It is easy to move trees in the air pot.

(4) It is easy to pesticide, fertilizer, water.

(5) The shape of the tree is better.

(6) It prevents the roots from winding in a spiral.

(7) It protects the phenomenon that the roots grow too much and wrinkles.


<The background of the development of airport pots>


What is air pruning cultivation?


Air-pruning propagation system (air pruning cultivation) is low cost and effective for cutting, cultivation, and pot cultivation.

Air pruning occurs naturally when the roots are exposed to humidity-free air.

The roots are effectively dried and new and healthy roots continue to emerge.


If the roots are not exposed to air, the roots will continue to grow and become filled with pot in compressed form.


These roots are spirally wound and twisted and choked.


When planting trees, this prevents them from building a normal root structure and eventually hinders the ingestion of moisture and nutrients.


Thus, the abnormal growth of the plant becomes self-evident and dies. Abnormal roots make the leaves yellow and fall.

(Guidebook for Native Plant Propagation, Author: Julia Walker). Theorem: This day (US)


 The photo on the left is using the air pruning cultivation method.

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