What We Do
In order to prevent pest damages from foreign countries, the recipient countries have designated sanitation and quarantine conditions for imported plants and its parts. Therefore, all of the imported countries request exporters to request phytosanitary certificate according to the regulations of each country.

In certain countries, import authorities may require import permits in advance and may also request exporters to submit a certificate of origin. We provide all the documents required by the importing countries for exporting US plants (seeds and seedlings) to the world. We also provide services such as sourcing plants and seeds desired by the importer, purchasing, packaging, and being issued Phytosanitary certificate or Certificate of origin etc. of the seedlings and seeds.

More than half of world trade of plants
and seeds occurs in U.S.A
We purchase seeds and plants from most of nurseries
and seed vendors in US.
Phytosanitary Certificate and other required documents
including Certificate of Origin and fumigation treatment.
Shipping Wordwide